Annual gift of $10,000 or more.

Membership in the society is granted to individuals who commit to contributing a minimum of $10,000 annually to United Way. Members of the Tocqueville Society are working to provide a helping hand for those in need and to inspire compassion and generosity in others. These contributors personify the true meaning of giving, and they live their lives in the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor.


Individuals and families who endow their Tocqueville donations through a foundation gift of $200,000 or more.

Liz Hilsabeck

Frank and Liz Hilsabeck Endowment Fund

Linda Robinson Rutz and Philip S. Mullin


Annual gift of $50,000 to $74,999.

Not Pictured:



Annual gift of $25,000 to $49,999.

Jim and Mary Abel

Traci and Ryan Beasley

Mary and Doug Carper

Nick and Ann Cusick

Angie and Dan Muhleisen

Renee and Tim Tewes

Not Pictured:

Michael D. Munro and Susan L. Keisler-Munro

Kevin Wailes and Boots Primavera-Wailes



Annual gift of $20,000 to $24,999.

Jim and Judy Cada

Sarah Pappas and James Christensen

Geoff and Kristen Cline

Candy and Tom Henning

Bob and Cheryl Reynoldson

Roland and Hiroko Temme

Not Pictured:

Anonymous (2)


Annual gift of $15,000 to $19,999.

Amy and James Anderson

Jane O. and Dr. Ronnie D. Green

Justin and Britt Hernandez

Brent and Robin Korte

Marc and Kathryn LeBaron

Bill and Cindy Lester

Derrel Martin

Kim M. Robak and William J. Mueller

Not Pictured:

Jason W. Bombeck

Scott and Denise McLain

Lynn and Dana Roper


Annual gift of $10,000 to $14,999.

Barbara and Robert Bartle

Kurt L. and Wendi L. Beck

Nancy and Jim Biggs

Craig and Deb Brown

Brian and Jennifer Cintani

Mike and Brenda Decker

Connie and Todd Duncan

Robert and Karen Duncan

Steve and Gloria Eicher

Kathy Farrell and Sam Allgood

Bob FitzSimmons, CFP®

Glenn Friendt

Lisa and Mick Hale

Nancy and Todd Heyne

Jennifer and Aaron Hilkemann

Mike and Paula Hodges

Fred and Carol Hoiberg

Sarah and Robert Jurgensmeier

Larry and Laura Keiter

William and Myrna Kubly

Diana and Jeff Lake

Patricia Leach

Chris and Lindsey Lindner

Victor Rawl Jr. and Amie Martinez

Kelly McKeever

Ashley and Nathan McKown

Becky and Eric Mooss

Christine Miller Neighbors

John and Jody Olsson

Sarah and Jeffery Peetz

Christy Phillips

Ryan and Rebecca Pollock

Shelley and Todd Reimers

Coty and Ed Ring

Doris and Bryan Robertson

Jim and Kathy Schulz

Jaymie and Russ Sebek

Jodi and Scott Spethman

Ava M. Thomas

Becky and Mike Walters

Rita and Mark Walz

Bob and DeeAnn Wenger

Amanda and Aaron Wiegert

Beth and Kelly Wieseler

Lynda and Bob Wilhelm

Sue and Robert Wilkinson

Jennifer Wooster

Todd Zart and Shelley Sahling-Zart

Not Pictured:

Phyllis Acklie

Mike and Connie Boehm

Amy and Tim Clare

Molly C. Cline

Brad and JoNell Crain

DF Dillon Foundation

Brent and Suzanne Fausett

Matthew and Clover Frederick

Jan Garvin and Jim Spalding

Russ and Jane Gronewold

Corbin and Erin Harms

Staci L. Hass

Drs. Mark and Deanna Hutchins

Jim and Becky Kruger

Greer and Sarah McCurley

Philip Morgan and Michelle Hrbek

Robert and Sally Morrow

Jeff and Dr. Elizabeth Noordhoek

Holly and Tonn Ostergard

Cary and Lisa Peterson

Joe and Mindy Popevis

Monte and Mary Rasmussen

April Rimpley and Jon Cannon

David and Marla Schmidt

Don and Suzan Schoening

Ric and Ranae Stoakes

Scott and Suzanne Sughroue

Gregory and Margaret Sutton

Randy and Bethany Throener

Richard and Karen Vierk

Richard and Kim Wiedenbeck